You’re Counting On You…

Being a perfectionist can sometimes keep you a little further away from some of your goals, and I bet you would be surprised at just how many people in our population this would include. Although some may not keep their rooms clean, they may picture a certain goal being accomplished in a specific way.
Take for example my goal of creating a time capsule. Tomorrow, I could go out with a coffee can & bury whatever I find inside it, just to say that I did it. However, without the effort that I would like to put into this time capsule, to me, this ‘accomplished goal’ would be nothing but littering.
My goal must be accomplished on my terms, with photos, at least one meaningful letter, & little items that really mean the world to me. I might include an old ring or necklace, my favorite game – Uno, & a list of all of the technology that I love this year. One day, I might even send my daughter out to find my time capsule, so that she can learn more about who I was back then.
Though this extra effort may keep you away from your goal a little longer than someone else, it’s important to remember that, once truly accomplished, it’ll mean so much more to you than you could even imagine. Not only will you have checked something off of your list, but you’ll have learned something about yourself every single time.

Don’t let yourself down. 😉 You’re counting on you.


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