Your Happiness…

Sometimes it can be difficult learning from your own experiences, let alone allowing others to learn from them as well. But, as we get to know ourselves & others, we learn that these experiences can help, inspire, & motivate the people around us.

Back in October, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of shedding new light on the singing career I’d like to pursue. That it did. In three months, I’d met some wonderful people, a few contacts, & even competed in a contest. But I also learned something I didn’t expect at all: I don’t want to be a signed recording artist.

When I finally admitted this to myself, I was shocked… but only because I wasn’t disappointed in myself at all. Yes – I could’ve sat there thinking about the months that I’d been away from home… during the holidays! – But, if I’d never moved to Nashville, I would’ve always wondered.

Instead of disappointment I found pride. Those three months had taught me so much about who I am, while giving me an amazing experience with some amazing people.

I told myself that the final step was moving home to Idaho, but didn’t realize until just recently that the final step was really putting my experience out there for others to read… because it’s a big deal.

There’s so much to fear when you put yourself out there… but there’s so much more to gain. Learning from your experiences is just the beginning… allowing yourself to jump back in is a whole other story.

In the month I’ve been home, I’ve brainstormed about so many things. This includes owning a recording studio, continuing my music on my own, starting my own business, & so much more. I’ve also taken action in photography & am starting classes on Monday for my real estate license.

So, when you have those tough experiences; when you change your mind, when you make a new decision, or when you’re afraid about what others will think… Remember this: It’s you’re life. It doesn’t matter who approves or who doesn’t. What matters is your happiness & once you’ve found that, everything else will fall into place.


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