The photos on the walls are some of our very best memories. The road trips, the walks through the park or on the beach. Some are of loved ones we miss dearly, of times spent with best friends, of moments that can last a lifetime.
The candid photos, the self-portraits, the school photos, & the black & whites are just a few of the priceless moments hanging on our walls to remind us of all that once was. Of all that still can be.
A memory, a story, a portal to the past, inspiration, hope when we need it the most… a photo can bring heartbreak, excitement, fear, joy, pain, anger, happiness, & sadness. Your strengths or your weaknesses, your greatest dreams or your worst fears, a photo can represent anything & everything about who you are & who you’ve always wanted to be.
We can capture it all with the press of a button & return to it like it was yesterday. What I wouldn’t give to have that photo be just yesterday.


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