Write A Short Story

For years, I’ve thought about writing a short story. The idea actually came from a friend I had in high school who used to write these really great short stories while sitting in class. I wanted to try it; see if it turned into something more or if it expanded my writing in some way. So, it ended up on my bucket list… & then I though it would be really cool if I physically accomplished a bucket list item on my blog.

So here goes…


Cassandra & Jackson had known each other for years. They were in several of the same classes throughout high school, they even dated people who hung out in the same crowd & were often seen out on the town with their close friends. But, they’d never spoken to one another. Not one word.

So there stood Jackson, miles from home, in the doorway of a popular Seattle brewery, looking over at a familiar face. Cassandra was sitting at a table with two other girls, & she hadn’t quite spotted him yet. He laughed to himself, wondering what the odds were that he would find someone he knew on the other side of the country. What are the odds that he would find the girl of his dreams sipping a beer at his favorite spot? Especially considering that he’d never told her how much he cared for her more than 15 years ago.

He lingered, contemplating saying hi or pretending that he hadn’t seen her. And, for just a moment, he panicked at the thought of her not recognizing him at all. His heart was pounding, & he quickly realized how foolish his response was in simply seeing her, especially after having heard that she was already taken.

In that moment, he almost walked away, but the comparison to now & then had him standing like a statue. He would regret walking away, & his fear of what might happen if he approached her almost had him regretting coming into the brewery at all.

Cassandra then stood, & started walking toward Jackson. She smiled as she walked, but she had yet to look up at him. And Jackson was so distracted at how beautiful she was that he didn’t think to look for the ring. He wanted to be prepared to react, but he was in no way ready for what happened next.

Cassandra looked up at him, smiled, grabbed her guitar from the front desk & headed toward the brewery stage.

Jackson, in awe, found his way to a seat before realizing that she probably didn’t recognize him. The thought of that broke his heart almost as much as he’d broken it as he headed off to college without telling her how he felt. But how could he? She was not only out of his league, but taken as he was leaving. And, for that matter, how do you tell someone you’re in love with them when you haven’t ever talked to them? Sure, he knew her favorite candy. He knew her favorite song & her stance on many political things… but all he could think about was how stalker-ish it all sounded, regardless of his hearing these things directly from her. He didn’t feel as though he had a right to remember those things.

Cassandra started playing.

“This is for my girl friends who have been giving me liquid courage for the past couple of hours.” She announced.

He wouldn’t admit it if you asked, but Jackson wasn’t listening. He was watching the movement of her fingers on the guitar & wondering when Cassandra Desh had become such a badass. He’d never known that she’d played guitar, & was slightly saddened that she hadn’t joined him back when he’d play at the clubs in college.

She sang of living life to it’s fullest & letting your voice be heard; she preached pushing the limits because life is short & worth ever single second that it gives you. And, when the song ended, the 37 people in the crowd were clapping & whistling; yelling encore.

“So, just a few of you know this, but last week I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “ She stated, as the crowd fell silent after several sighs. “I was living in Thomaston, Connecticut (originally from Watertown!) & I was with a drunk who cheated on me twice (that I know of). I had a steady job that had me living paycheck to paycheck. I wasn’t happy, & cancer was the final straw.”

Cassandra set down her guitar & came back up to the microphone. “Listen, I’m not here for your pity, or your advice. I moved here because I’ve always wanted to live in beautiful Seattle, Washington. I moved here because I have friends here & I wanted to get away from the toxic life that I lead back home. And, I moved here because I’ve always wondered ‘what if.’ What if, instead of worrying about hurting my boyfriend’s feelings, I had made the decision,” She pointed right at Jackson, “to tell this guy that I was in love with him. (Or at least that I liked him?!)”

“Jackson, I know you’re single.” Cassandra announced. “And I know you once liked me. Or so I heard?”

Jackson had been sitting there with his mouth open for a few minutes now. He didn’t know what to say, & he was still grasping the fact that she was sick. How could someone so amazing be struggling with something so horrible? How would he protect her from this?

And, once he realized that the fears no longer mattered, he stood up, walked up the stage & kissed his girl.

If you’re wondering what happens next, you don’t know the writer of this story. Cassandra beat the cancer – twice, & the two of them spent the rest of their lives together. They had children, grandchildren, & they built their lives on the outskirts of a Seattle suburb.

The End.

Have you ever wanted to write a short story? Will “Write A Short Story” be added to your bucket list? I think you’d be surprised at just how much a simple short story could build your writing style.


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