Witness A Marriage Proposal

For quite some time, I’ve been eager to catch a glimpse of one of the greatest moments that can come in a lifetime: the proposal. This incredibly romantic once-in-a-lifetime moment has always had me in awe; not simply because I am a girl who loves romance, but also because you get to witness how much two people really care for one another. Nothing compares to this.

Throughout the numerously beautiful & exciting weddings that I’ve been to, I’ve got to experience & celebrate the very important event itself, but there was still that anticipation to see the very beginning. How did this commitment all start & what were the beautiful circumstances surrounding it? So, on my bucket list, I once wrote down, “Witness A Marriage Proposal”.

Now, for those of you who don’t know (& I suppose for those of you who do), I’m going to sidebar here to clarify things. At the age of 17 years old, I was proposed to as I sat on the edge of my at-the-time boyfriend’s bed following a make out session, to which I responded, “I’m 17…” in the hopes of not hurting the guy’s feelings. And I promise I’ll write all about this later, but this is not an event that I count. My wish is to witness someone else’s engagement, & to be completely honest (& probably too blunt), my experience was not romantic in the slightest.

So there I stood at various sporting events, listening to the occasional on-screen proposal & eagerly looking around trying to see if I could spot this historic event taking place. “Where are they?! I cannot see them!” Hopping around like a little girl, I’m sure I was driving my boyfriend crazy. “Why are they not prepared to have them on camera?!” And, every time, I missed it. What the heck?

Again, I’m sure my boyfriend found this ridiculous & ever-so-slightly annoying (& it’s happened at least twice since), but, I just wanted to witness happiness!! And romance!! Give a girl a break.

Then came November when one of my younger brothers confided in me that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend on their 3rd dating anniversary. Not only was this HAPPENING, but he wanted me to help. Ummm… YEAH!

So we looked together to find the perfect spot, which happened to be a beautiful place in Spokane, Washington called Arbor Crest Wine Cellars. The staff was incredibly helpful & very secretive as they lead the two of them on a quick tour of the grounds. It was a rainy (& pretty darn cold) windy day, but my boyfriend and I hid out with two different cameras (as well as a GoPro) to capture it all.

The best part? The bride-to-be didn’t see it coming whatsoever! I’ll chalk that up to my brother’s little snide comment a few nights before when he told her he wanted a new mustang before the two of them got engaged.

Anyways, here’s a BIG, BIG CONGRATS to the (still newly) engaged couple planning their 2017 wedding. I could not be more excited for the two of you… nor more excited to finally have a sister! Thank you for allowing me (& Tim) to be part of your historic moment. <3



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