Without Risk, There Is No Reward

As the saying goes, Without Risk, There Is No Reward.
I believe this to no end. I also believe that you must open yourself to opportunity. My goal list, thus far, has allowed me to open myself to all of the wonderful opportunities that this planet has to offer. I am taking risks, facing my fears, and having the most fun I’ve had in my entire life! Somehow, it seems, that this all began with my Dream Book… that lead to this website… that will one day lead to an amazing singing career in Nashville, TN.

A few of you were wondering a bit about my week…

Monday, I landed in Los Angeles completely exhausted, and was taken to Laguna Beach. Energized after lunch, we shopped, and then continued Santa Margarita, California where I took a shot at skateboarding (GOAL). 🙂 THANK YOU Jeremy & Kyle!
**FYI I LOVED IT THERE…. And part of me wasn’t ready to come home…. THANK YOU Julie!! :)**

Tuesday we headed out for Jay Leno.. I KNOW!.. Amanda Seyfried, Chef Guy Fieri, & Luke Brian were guests. It was a wonderful show, and I plan to return one day very soon!
After the shows early recording, we continued through Hollywood to find the Wax Museum (GOAL)…. And stumbled upon a MOVIE PREMIER for Amanda Seyfried’s Letters To Juliet movie. Um… Yeah – I KNOW! After taking as many photos as freakin’ possible (GOAL), we walked around meeting the wonderful wax celebrities and ended up eating late that night in the Kodak Theatre Mall, RIGHT next door to where they host the Oscars…. Wow. It was a late night… but it couldn’t have been a better Tuesday…. IN MY LIFE.

Wednesday: Heading out for the Craig Ferguson show, we got a slight late start… and ended up in the wrong line… LOL. Go figure that they’d be filming American Idol around the corner… at CBS Studios??? We were confused too. A little bummed, we headed up towards the Playboy Mansion (GOAL) where Julie proceeded to tell me A TON about other celebrities who own homes in the area….
And found ourselves face to face with a movie being shot RIGHT AHEAD on a truck trailor with a Farari on the back. No clue what movie or show… but it was AWESOME. LOL
The Playboy Mansion was beautiful from the outside, but just incase Heff is reading…. I’m really curious about the rest of it. Hehe. Oh – And I’m sorry that we took a photo infront of your gates… we noticed the cameras but couldn’t resist.
Finally, we headed to Venice Beach where they were preparing for an interesting MTV skating event. We shopped along the beach, and I got my psalm read. (GOAL) Haha. LOL It was SOOOOO Much Fun.

Thursday: Alright – Big Surprise – Julie took me to the auditions for Rock of the Ages in Hollywood. Although I was unable to audition due to a time limit (and type-casting), it was still an AWESOME experience. I love people watching, and she helped me pull together a great headshot. THANK YOU Julie! 🙂
Sadly, after eating at the amazing Johnny Rockets, we headed towards the airport where I said goodbye to LA, and hello to the clouds in Salt Lake City, and finally a beautiful sunset in Spokane. 🙂 I MISS LA! LOL

Photos? They are in the gallery. 🙂
Take some risks to open yourself up to opportunity. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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