Win Something

In the first grade, I did win something, a plastic microphone that amplified & distorted your voice. At the time, I secretly hoped that it was a foreshadowing of my future life as a professional singer.  And while that could still totally happen, I would look back on that moment & laugh. I never counted that as winning something.

In 2007, when I wrote up my bucket list, I put on there to “win something”. I know this is very vague & probably a bucket list item most would scoff at, but it was more about feeling lucky. And, I think that putting “feel lucky” on my bucket list would have had more scoffing than “win something”. (Because I feel lucky for a great many things in my life.) I suppose I just wanted that moment when you win something & you cannot believe that THAT just happened.

On a recent work training trip with my Dad, in Seattle, I heard on the radio that they were giving away ticket’s to Shania Twain’s upcoming concert. Sitting there, I saved the phone number “just in case” & went on with the rest of my day.

A few hours later, we were headed back to the house & the call-in opportunity came in on the radio. I looked over at my Dad & said (I kid you not), “Hey, watch this, I’m going to win these tickets.” It was a complete joke because I’d never EVER won anything – let alone on the radio – & with these slim odds compared to my home town.

Sure enough, I got through on the third call-in & started laughing.

“Hey look at that, I actually got through. That never-”

“Thank you for calling! What’s your name?”

“Um… Amy?” I replied.

Sidebar to Dad: “Holy crap, they only ask you that if…”

“Congrats! You’re going to see Shania Twain at Seattle’s Key Arena!”


“Now, be honest with me Amy. Were you born when Shania’s first CD came out?”

I giggled. People do say I sound like a kid on the phone, but Shania’s first album was released in ’95. I was seven years old & smitten with her music. (Oh the stories I could tell you about my cousin Kari & I arguing about her lyrics…)

“Yes! I’m an 80’s baby!”

… I’m sure this was all on the radio… Awkward.

And suddenly – blah, blah, blah… address acquired & the tickets were on their way. CRAZY! And Dad’s response?

“You have your Mother’s luck.”

(My Mom was notorious for winning things on the radio when I was a kid. Alan Jackson, Jo Dee Messina, Lori Morgan.) Huh. Lucky me. 😀

It just goes to show ya, you cannot win if you do not put yourself out there.



PS – The concert was AMAZING!!!!!! Gotta love the ones you can sing along to.

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