Why Pixar Movies Should Be On Your List

Have you considered adding “Watch All Pixar Movies” to your bucket list? At this moment, Pixar has released 16 movies out into the world, all under Disney, & each of them comes with their own following. Here are just a few reasons why you might think about putting this bucket list item on your personal list:

1.Adult & Child Humor
There is no question as to how humorous the Pixar Movies (& their short films) are. These films have children & adults laughing (for the same, & for different reasons). And, while they are Disney movies, they have a certain maturity to them that makes many adults, who would rather be doing something else, snuggling up with their kids on the couch.

2.Great Morals
One thing that all Pixar movies have in common are their morals. Whether the toys in Toy Story are attractive or not, they stick up for one another; when a race car ruins a road in Cars, they make sure that he repairs the road in a respectful manner; & as WALL-E roams around the garbage-filled city streets on earth, we all feel horrible & consider what more it is that we can do to prevent this from being a one-day reality.

3.Great Animation
Animation certainly has come a long way, & the proof is in the behind-the-scenes features you’ll get on each DVD. They use clay & these movies take years of drawing, computer graphics, & claymation to put everything together. It’s a remarkable process that has us questioning how it could be so perfect throughout the entire film. We are drawn in.

Alright, so, yes. You are sitting inside & watching television with your child. I’m sure there are many people out there rolling their eyes at me right now. And, I’m certainly not against camping. That said, in the moments that you do sit down to watch television, why not have it be with your child?

5.Family Oriented
Every Pixar movie has a family oriented quality in it. The Good Dinosaur has his broken family, Cars shows you just how quickly strangers can become incredible family, & Boo in Monster’s Inc has Sully, her protector. Family isn’t always blood, & that’s something I truly love about Pixar. They aren’t afraid to show the love.

6.The Struggle Is Real
Aside from talking objects & animals, Pixar is really good at making things similar to real life. All of the characters have to work hard for what it is that they want, & they never give up. It shows the children watching that some things need to be fought for, but most importantly, if you want it bad enough it’s worth fighting for.

7.Hidden Secrets
Last but not least, there are so many secret items hidden in Pixar films, it’s nearly impossible to notice them all. Not only does the company hide previous & upcoming film pieces in each movie, but they also have tiny details like the “A-1311”, which apparently isn’t just in Pixar, but also episodes of the Simpsons.


Here’s your Pixar movie reference list. Enjoy!

A Bugs Life
Cars 2
Finding Dori (June 17, 2016!)
Finding Nemo
Inside Out
Monsters Inc.
Monsters University
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
The Good Dinosaur
The Incredibles

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