Why Not?…

Without risk there is no reward… Opportunity is always knocking… Shoot for the stars & NEVER give up.
I added a few girls on Facebook the other day who I don’t know at all. They all live in or around Nashville & two of them seemed more than happy to share their stories with me about how they got to work with Taylor Swift during the CMA Fest this year.

I’m still in shock… I’m reminded every day how many opportunities there are in this world… you just need to put yourself out there. – This goes with everything.

Is there a contest on the radio? Call in! Why not? The only thing you can lose are the minutes on your cell phone, right?

What about internet contests? Don’t want junk email? Make an email account just for contests. LOL
The problem is that many people do not understand why they are “unlucky.” Everyone has the opportunity to be lucky, you just need to take risks. Without Risk There Is No Reward… WHY NOT???
🙂 Anything is possible.


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