Why Needing To Be 100% Prepared Can Hurt You

There is something you want; something you’ve dreamed of your entire life that is so close, yet so far away. Maybe you don’t feel as though you have all of the right tools; maybe you have all of the right tools but you have not yet fully prepared yourself for the “perfect pitch”.

As a perfectionist, I know all to well how badly the need to be prepared can ultimately control your life. You make excuses that seem to be realistic, but when it comes down to it, those excuses are just excuses – ESPECIALLY when you are doing nothing to move past them.

Why are we holding ourselves back? Fear of rejection is certainly one of the highest on the list; fear of not having that opportunity again might be another. But, if we are going to let fear truly take over the situation, why not fear of completely missing out on the opportunity all together?

I’ve weighed all of the options very carefully. You see, missing out on a big opportunity is not the same as saying to yourself, “Keys, Phone, Wallet…” as you walk out of the house each morning. It’s you, instead, saying, “I cannot find my keys, so I’m not going to work.” And, thus, you miss out completely. That could have been your ONE shot, & you let it slip away.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Say a friend of yours has a contact that could just get you your dream job. You are afraid of being rejected, so you tell your friend that you are simply unprepared. “It’s not possible.” or “I am unqualified.” You convince yourself that not reaching out to this person at all will be better than having to walking in there with everything that you have ready in this moment. But Why?

Worst Case Scenario:
You don’t reach out… you don’t contact this person. Seriously! This is WORST CASE, & here is why:

Better Case Scenario:
You meet with this person, & you talk about this opportunity… & they rip you & your work to shreds & tell you all about why your portfolio doesn’t meet the company’s needs. Ouch. Well guess what?! This is a learning experience. Ask why not! Get the details & learn something from all of this. At the very least (if this IS the person you run into), you’ll learn exactly why you don’t want to work for this particular company.

Best Case Scenario:
You meet with this person, & they are lovely. Maybe they think you are not quite ready for the position that would be your dream job, but perhaps they have other opportunities for you – internships, personal assistant work, or even the “Girl Friday” who delivers mail & gets coffees. (Hey! I never said you didn’t have to work for it!)

Here is my point:


If you have the time to be more prepared, then take it. But, at some point, you need to move forward. Take all that you have, contact this person, & show them!!! DO IT. Do it for you, & every dreamer out there. Show yourself that you DO have what it takes. Don’t let this opportunity… & perhaps life itself… slip through your fingers. GO. Please, GO! And do yourself proud.

“What If I Fall?
Oh, But My Darling, What If You Fly?”
– Erin Hanson

Don’t you just love how I tell it like it is?
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