Why Bucket List? Great Question!

Why create a bucket list? There are so many reasons! Not only can a bucket list completely (& positively) change your life, but it can be a great place to start learning all about yourself.

1. You Are Creating Yourself
You know that person you’ve always wanted to be? They are the person on that bucket list page. They are the daring one; the one facing their fears & fighting for their dreams. They are someone you can look up to & work toward. They are inspiring & moving & everything you’ve always wanted to be.

2. The List Is Uplifting
As many of you know, my bucket list was an accidental creation, something that was formatted in a moment of sadness & confusion. Since it’s creation, it’s helped me to get through some of the most difficult times in my life.

3. The List Is ALL You & ONLY You
The reason why it’s uplifting when you feel alone is because the bucket list is all YOU. It’s a creation all your own that’s all about you & building the life you’ve always wanted. When you go through a breakup or have a big fight with your best friend, you can focus on your list & thus rescue yourself from that hopeless feeling.

4. It Will Redirect You
Do you feel like maybe you’re not on the right path? Not sure what you want your career to be? Well, the bucket list will redirect you each & every time you get off track. It’s a way of getting you back to the good old fashioned you when maybe you’ve started being someone else for another person. (Oops!)

5. It Will Lead You To Much, Much More
You know how they say that, if you get a tattoo, you simply cannot stop getting them? It seems as though having a bucket list is the same way. Each bucket list item you accomplish slowly (or sometimes very quickly) paves the way for your next bigger adventure. In short, it’s giving you more balls.

6. It Allows For Serious Focusing
Researchers have shown that those who write down their goals are 70% more likely to accomplish them. Which makes sense considering that, when many of us write things down, we are more likely to remember them & probably think about those goals more often. When opportunity strikes, those who have written their goals down are more likely to step up to the plate & not let that opportunity pass them by.

7. In Bucket List Land, Rules Don’t Exist
Add whatever you want to that bucket list. What does your heart truly desire? And, regardless of how “outlandish” it may seem, put it down. You never know where that piece of paper might lead you. That record contract? Alright! That trip to space? Okay! Now start thinking of the plan to get there.

8. Your List Will Inspire Others
Sharing your list with friends, family, or even the world, is completely up to you. I know many feel as though sharing their list is a form of bragging or throwing things in the face of others. But, in reality, your list could inspire others. Who cares about those who feel that you are bragging? Your list (& the experiences that follow) just might change someone else’s life completely.

9. You Will Never Be Bored
With a long list of things you’ve always wanted to do, the motivation is often there… it’s just all about getting past the fear…. But have pride in knowing that you will never be bored! You’ll be taking action.

10. You Have NOTHING To Lose
Disregarding everything that I have just said, the truth is that you have nothing to lose.

Well, are you ready to get started? Check out my blog on how you can start your own bucket list, or if you’re not quite sure yet, read about what a bucket list is all about.


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