When The Dust Settles…

Every now & then, we catch ourselves in a “Big Baby” moment. No matter how old or mature we are, we all have them. We are complaining, we have a poor me attitude, we are bringing others down with us, & we cannot let go of what’s gotten us into this mood.

These “Big Baby” moments can last for days… or worse – months. And the most difficult part of it all is that we continue to search for something or someone to pull us out of it… only to finally realize that we’re the only one who’s capable of standing up & dusting ourselves off.

Though standing up is not always the easiest, it’s better than lying in the same place that you’ve fallen. Once you’re up, you can try a completely different route than the one that you tried before – or – you can decide to climb a completely different mountain.

No matter how cheesy I may sound, & no matter what anyone thinks, I will continue to tell you that it really is up to you. This is your life. You can choose apples or oranges at the grocery store, to buy a condo or a home on 5 acres, & you can choose whether you’re going to be happy when you go to work or bitter.

Whatever the opportunity, always ask yourself, “Will I regret not taking this chance?” or “Will I regret not giving this opportunity my all?” If the answer is yes, perhaps this is a risk worth taking, or one worth truly fighting for.


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