What You Focus On Expands…

There will always be bad days, good days, days full of regret, days full of laughter & love. There will be important memories & thing’s you’d rather forget about all together. But, what’s so wonderful about the world today is that we have the ability to change things.

Call me silly for believing in karma, call me ridiculous for believing that we control our own destiny, & say that I’m crazy for believing that what you focus on expands. But I will still believe all of those things.

There are people out there who will read this & roll their eyes. But, I’m writing this for those of you who understand that, though you may have bad days, hanging on to them won’t do you any good. It will only bring you, & everyone else around you, down. You must focus on what you want more in life than anything else. Focus on that with all that you have & fight for it. – Do not sulk because you haven’t reached your goal, because we both know it’s all about the journey.

If you slip & fall, stand up, dust yourself off, & continue on with your day. Be sure to apologize to anyone you may have upset, compliment at least two people a day, & before you go to bed at night, be sure to list the things you’re thankful for…. Believe it or not, these things will slowly make your world – & everyone else’s – a little bit better.

😀 I hope this isn’t too cheesy for you.. but what can I say?


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