What To Put In A Time Capsule

    So while in the process of my current 10 Day Challenge, I’ve stumbled upon several different thoughts as to how to go about creating my time capsule. First, I had to ask myself, who do I see looking at this capsule years from now? – My answer was family. One day I picture my kids opening it up and learning a lot of little things about the person I once was.

    With that in mind, here is my list of what I’ll be including in my capsule:

1. A letter to the person who opens it.

2. A couple of pieces of history from this house my boyfriend & I are working on together. Examples include a few old toys we found in the yard, maybe a story or two about the property we found out about, & of course a couple of house photos.

3. Something unique to right now. Let’s face it, it could be decades before anyone finds this thing. I want to put something in there that’s going to make them say wow. Maybe a favorite cd? Or an old piece of jewelry?

4. Pieces of my personal past. There are a few things that I should be letting go of, and I’ve thought of placing them in here. No, these things don’t involve old boyfriends or burned bridges, but I’m thinking a few things that mean something to me, with stories & tiny details as to how they are ‘historic.’

5. The story (or stories) of what I’ve learned the hard way. Not everyone should have to learn it the hard way.

6. Lastly, I would include my most prized piece of work. Maybe the lyrics to a song I’ve written or parts of a novel, or any piece of artwork that I truly put my all into.

    A time capsule is like saving your own tiny space in the future. You’ll be thought of or remembered by someone someday. And that’s meaningful.

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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