What Do I Need To Change?

It’s been exactly one year since my life changed dramatically… one year since I started changing me. Many people have asked what happened; how someone could change nearly everything in their life in just one month. How someone could be so quick to isolate themselves from everything, & everyone.

The answer is simple: Something pushed me over the edge. One day I woke up, realizing that I was not leading the life that I wanted to live. Not only had I been looking for people that I could take care of, but I think there was a part of me who was looking for people who needed inspiration… who needed change. But that’s not how it works.

People can change… but they, themselves, need to realize what’s missing in their lives, not you. They need to want to change themselves. You cannot do this for them; you cannot rescue them from the mistakes that you see coming, you can only warn them. And what’s to say that they don’t want things to be this way? It’s not for you to decide.

When you realize this, everything will change. Whether you continue the friendship or not, you’ll begin to look at things from a different point of view: What Do I Need to Change? Though it may sound selfish, it truly is something to think about.

Today, I can tell you that I learned more in 2010 about myself than any year prior. My taste in friends has changed & I’ve discovered that, at the time, I was trying to organize the lives of others because I was afraid to organize mine.

I didn’t read books on how to improve my life, I didn’t take classes on psychology, & I didn’t learn to meditate or anything. I just did… I fought for my goals & for myself. That’s pretty much all there is to it.
Don’t be afraid to change your life dramatically, because sometimes it just needs to be done. Do what you think you have to, but fight fair. (Karma is a bitch you know.) Believe in yourself, make the decisions you think are best, & move on… Do something for you.


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