We Ponder…

The year 2011 began with many questions unanswered, many decisions left hanging, & New Years Resolutions to boot.

We stress, we ponder, we aimlessly hold grudges against ourselves for the opportunities that we let pass us by. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we keeping ourselves from being the best person we can be?

Today, when you read this & tell yourself that this year will be different… Do Something About It! Make this YOUR year of change. YOUR year of happiness.

* Not happy with your job but worried about the economy? – Apply, Apply Apply! You cannot win that lottery if you don’t even buy a ticket!
* Wishing you would’ve graduated college? – Enroll online & finish your degree. It’s never too late.
* Wanting to make a difference in this world? – Make it a goal to Pay It Forward this year, help out a homeless shelter, or donate money to a good cause. Make that difference.
* In a rut? – Make simple changes (or big ones) to refresh your life! Start new projects, meet new people, be brave & take a big step forward to make your life finally all yours!

It’s your time to shine,

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