We Can Do This…

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate ourselves, even when the task we’re putting aside is a rather important one. This task, or opportunity, could be the beginning of something great, but we may not see that.

Take, for example, the homework assignment that is sitting on your desk right now. You tried to read the chapters, but they were simply too dull. This single assignment may be the main thing to remember for your final.

What about the book that you bought the other day so that you could get ideas on how to organize your home? It’s sitting on the coffee table. You’ve read it all the way through, cover to cover, only to realize that the book was yet another way to avoid taking action. What a waste of twenty dollars.

Hopefully now, you’re noticing the pattern. Whether it has to do with homework or weight loss, organization or even mowing the lawn, we’ve somehow lost our motivation & exhilaration for life.

What’s even worse is that these are things that we should be doing for ourselves, & we are letting ourselves down. Many of us are happy to run over to a friends house, even at midnight, if they have been dumped… But we are not willing to stop by the gym for a half an hour for our health.

What happened to living life to the fullest? Going hiking at amazing parks, keeping ourselves organized, getting good grades in school, & also allowing ourselves to get & remain happy?

We can do this, & we shouldn’t be afraid to do it on our own.

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