We Both Said Things We Didn’t Mean…

It’s unbelievably difficult when you have a falling-out with a friend. For days – or even months – you’re wondering what happened and how the two of you could possibly go without speaking for as long as you have.

You’ve both said things that you didn’t mean, and though you both feel bad about it, you also want your opinion to be clear – you want to stand your ground. But does this mean that neither of you will ever put up a white flag?

I’ve had bad fights with friends; some lasting for months in high school, others that seem to stand to this day. And while people have their differences, I can’t help but wonder why we can’t atleast allow ourselves to be civil; to smile when we run into eachother at the grocery store instead of running in the other direction.

There will be people in your life that you can’t stand, but that’s no reason to be rude. Not only does this cause both of you an unnecessary stress, but it can also taint the good memories that you made. The moments of laughter and stupidity, it all gets mixed in with awkward moments and ‘unresolved’ issues.

To all of those that I’ve fought with – from just two years ago to clear back in high school – we’ve all changed. It doesn’t matter who through the first punch, or who was wrong & who was right. All that matters is that you know that I’m not holding any grudges, and I continue to carry around the good memories instead of the bad. So, if I see you somewhere and smile, I’m not thinking about our fight – I’m thinking about the time you got a giant traffic cone stuck under your car, that time you told the teacher you were going to the bathroom and returned with a bagel, the trips to Wendy’s during lunch, the time we decided to make nachos but didn’t have any way to melt the cheese, and how much fun it was just being a kid without the drama.

This blog is dedicated to every person that’s fought with a best friend, every person who’s said something that they didn’t mean, and to all of those people out there still holding a grudge. Life’s too short to be holding grudges and treating people you once cared about like crap.


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