We Are Human

We make mistakes – sometimes more than once before we realize things need to change. We aren’t perfect. We make decisions others may disagree with. We take unflattering photos & we sometimes act like complete dorks. We challenge things that others have deemed impossible.

    We are judged, we are bullied, we are left behind & thrown under the bus. We are dumped, we are fired, we are lied to & able to be broken.

    We also witness miracles. We defy odds. We stand strong in moments of defeat. We pay it forward. We help when we are able. We push ourselves to the limit. We make goals. We accomplish them to the best of our ability.

    Whatever it is that you’re going through now, no matter how many or few people have been in your current situation, know that you can defy the odds. Know that it doesn’t matter what others think. Know that you’re going to make mistakes – know that those judging you will make mistakes as well.

    This is for the little girl getting bullied on her basketball team; for the little boy who’s being picked on for his clothes. This is for every ‘bad’ photo you’ve ever taken. This blog is for anyone who’s ever made a big mistake.

    Stand up, admit when you’re wrong & don’t be afraid to. Post your most embarrassing photos & laugh with those around you. Defend those who you feel are being treated wrongly. Remind yourself that those who are quick to judge others do so because of insecurities.

    We are human. Who cares what others think? They will make mistakes too. It’s time to do what we feel is right in this world. It’s time to stand up for ourselves & those around us. It’s time to turn this world into something greater.

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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