Want To See An Eclipse? Here’s How!

This photo in absolutely no way does what I’ve seen justice, but it’s the only proof that I have personally that, in that moment captured my full attention so that I could share it with you. A bucket list item I had added six and a half years prior is finally checked off the list… & words cannot possibly describe how worth the wait it was.

How do you get this one checked off your list? Easy! NASA gives you a full layout of when each eclipse happens & where. Check out NASA’s website HERE for details on when the next partial, full, solar or lunar eclipse is set to arrive. Just thirteen minutes into the Lunar Eclipse that I saw over three years ago night & I was hooked. What an oddity it was to see the moon shadowed completely, within an hour, not to mention the color it left in the sky.

And, then, this last August, I was able to witness a Solar Eclipse. We bought protective eye wear & took photos through it. As beautiful as it was, there is a part of me that’s wishing I had driven further south to witness the full thing, but instead I stayed home hoping that 96% would be enough. It wasn’t. You’ll notice this on my personal bucket list, as I’ve kept it incomplete.There are some goals that can be frustrating to wait for – & this was certainly one of them, but getting to see something so miraculous certainly has me aching for more.

Now, I’ll be looking into comets & meteor showers. This goal is another example of just how simple – but imperative – a single bucket list item can be. How cool is it to get to witness something like this? How cool is it that this is something you can witness for free…. Perhaps another goal you may consider adding to your list?