Vincent Paganelli – WVTV Co-Communication Director

Hello there! My name is Vincent Adam Goodman Paganelli, but most people just call me Vinny. I’m a Junior at West Valley High School in Yakima, Washington, and one of my goals I’d like to accomplish is getting into a good film school.

What is something that motivates you most & why?
Something that motivates me most would just be support from my peers, whether it’s my family, my friends, or my lady-friend. It puts me in a better mindset every time I receive feedback, and it definitely helps with keeping up a creative process.

What’s something, good or bad, that’s changed your life dramatically? How has this made you the person you are today? Something that changed my life drastically was signing up for the ASB position of Co-Communications Director. I did not expect that to mean having several nights where I don’t get any sleep at all while working on videos, but it’s definitely improved my skills as not only a film editor, but a work-in-progress special effects expert as well.

When you were little, what did you want to be ‘when you grow up’? Is this something you are still working toward or have your goals changed?
When I was little the only thing I wanted to be “when I grew up,” was Simba from The Lion King. I’m not really sure if that’s still the course I want to head on, but when I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, people started telling me I look like Matthew Broderick, so I guess I’m kind of achieving that goal.

What’s one thing you’ve done to Pay-It-Forward?
Some things I’ve done to Pay-It-Forward include working at the Union Gospel Mission last year. I stood outside in weather like a blizzard loading Thanksgiving dinners into vehicles for families who otherwise probably would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner that year. Another thing would be donating oodles of money to the Mr. West Valley pageant that happened this year. Mr. West Valley is basically a fundraiser that raises money for Children’s Village, an organization that helps with children in need of special health care.

You’re on your high school’s morning show. Tell us more about it. How did you get started on it? Well, as I said earlier, I’m one of my ASB’s five Co-Communication Directors, and our job is to get information out to the student body through different mediums, including the school’s website and reader-board. Every other Thursday, we broadcast a new episode of our video announcement series, “WVTV,” which is kind of like an educational sketch comedy show, featuring stuff about our school. It’s pretty wild. I play one of our recurring characters, Boardin’ Brian, who is kind of like a late-80s/early-90s sports fan who has this over the top attitude, and he’s basically become the school’s main source for sports coverage. It’s very fun to work on but a LOT of work.

*Links to the “WVTV” YouTube page and Videos have been provided at the end of the interview.*

What’s your greatest goal in life? How do you plan to get there? My greatest goal in life is to just get a job doing something I love. I’d love to see myself as a voice-over artist or even a radio DJ would be fun. The way I plan to get there is to just practice, practice, practice, and take courses that will help me excel in all the areas I need to.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years I’d like to see myself living in a pent-house in Seattle, working as a radio psychiatrist and singing about tossed-salad and scrambled eggs, but my name’s not Frasier Crane. Just having a steady job and owning a home near the city would do wonders for me.

Tell us about one person who inspires you. Why? One person who inspires me is probably my fellow Co-Comm, Austen Clement. He’s a senior this year, and will obviously be leaving the team next year. He’s taught me sooo much about the area of video editing and special effects work, and everything he’s done for the team and I means a lot. He’ll be headed to BYU to study film and animation, so I wish him luck!

What else would you like to say to the readers of Everyone needs to follow their dreams, no matter how far out of reach they may be. Try, and try, and get your name out there. Hard work always pays off.

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