Victoria, BC – 2010

46 Day & Counting…
Where does the time go?

This weekend my family & I traveled to Victoria, BC to celebrate my Grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. Boating, shopping, walking, zip-lining, & shopping some more… it was a complete blast. But, I must say, I had a hard time focusing.

Lately, I’ve done my very best when it comes to living in the moment, but this time there was a little bit of panic mixed in that made it nearly impossible for me to take everything in.
With my cousins & I often spread separately across the city, I found myself thinking about everyone going their separate ways… starting with my two thousand mile journey. Symbolic, yes. Slightly sad, yes. Making me feel old, incredibly.

This panic was, in no way, tied in with the zip-lining experience that was ALL fun, & completely exciting. (If you want to here more, click Goal Stories.

With that said, I must also add that I am still looking forward to the next adventure in my life & cannot wait to see what their next adventures will be. I know that there are many adventures at every age, in nearly every way, & I cannot thank my amazing Grandparents enough for teaching me that, among SO many other things.

*Again, Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to my perfect Grandparents:*

Still looking ahead…


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