Valentines Day

You know, I don’t think I had too much of an opinion of this day until just recently. Valentines Day is a love-hate kind of day. Either you love it or you hate it. (This all depends on whether you’re single, believe the chocolate companies are just out for your money, or your significant other is either great with gifts or horribly bad at it.) Admit it.

But, today, I can only say… Celebrate. If you are single, look at this as an opportunity to go get yourself a massage, go out to the movie with fellow singles, or sit at home in your PJ’s (not wallowing), but celebrating the fact that you can do whatever the hell you want. If you are taken, be thankful for the smallest of things – celebrate that you have someone special in your life. Maybe make this day a hand-made presents day, if you’re worried about those chocolate companies. Either way – celebrate LOVE. Love for yourself, love for your Mom (my tradition), love for your significant other.

And, if you want to celebrate the holiday, DON’T tell your significant other that you don’t want to celebrate. That would be a lie, & it’s not fair to either of you.

SO, here’s to Valentines Day, 2016 & my guy Tim. Your sideways smile continues to make me weak in the knees after almost two years. I love you. Thank you for celebrating today with me.

(Oh & happy 2,147 days since the creation of 2147Miles.)



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