True Places Never Are

“It’s not down in any map; true places never are.”
Herman Melville


    For some of us, every time we fill our gas tanks we may think to ourselves, even for just a split second, I wonder how far I could get on this take of gas. It’s not necessarily that we’d like to run away, it might simply be that adventure is calling & we remember that feeling.

    That feeling: The one where you’re driving around lost just because you can. Exploring new places, meeting new people & finding a completely new understanding of the world around you. You get to see things that some people may never get to see; you get to experience things that some may never get to experience.

    Although I’ve had my share of great times in places that are located on a map, I completely understand where Melville is coming from. While many have the desire to visit these amazing big cities & tend to purposely avoid the little places in between due to time constraints, there’s actually a lot to be missed & I suppose that will always be why road trips are my favorite. During the drive, you don’t miss much at all & you can take your time to truly enjoy the things surrounding you. Yes it’s exhausting & yes it’s important to have a destination, but sometimes it’s these moments that give you things you may not have had before: clear thoughts & courage to move forward in whatever difficult situation you may be in.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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