Time Is Precious…

We think about our pasts often; we dwell on the things we cannot change, blame ourselves for things we had no control over, & hold on to the happy moments we wish we could relive.

Amidst all of these painful, but sometimes wonderful thoughts is the present, waiting for us to take action, to use our energy on something that will provide results. But we’re waiting for a train that’s already left the station if we aren’t careful, we’ll miss the next one.

It’s a gift to be able to remember the good (& the bad) experiences you’ve had, & those memories should not be taken for granted. We were not only meant to learn from our experiences, but to be inspired by them, & to use them to push ourselves forward when all else fails.

When You carry your memories of someone with you, instead of holding you back, those memories should be pushing you forward. If someone hurts you, the memory is a reminder that it’s time to move forward; when you let yourself down, the memory is a reminder that you can create a blank slate; & when you lose someone close to you, their memory is a reminder that life is short & time is precious.


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