TikTok vs. Instagram | Is TikTok Bringing Us Back To Our Roots?!

Are you on TikTok? While it’s not completely new to me, I haven’t really pushed myself very far on the platform. This might be due to my ongoing obsession with Instagram, but if I’m being real here it’s most likely due to my lack of activity on both.

The other day, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who recently launched a sticker business. (Her designs are amazing, you should definitely check out SKS Design Studio.) In the middle of our conversation about posting consistency, which is working very well for her on TikTok I might add, we realized that the past several days have had us thinking the same thing: there is something about TikTok that has us feeling like we don’t need such a polished look to our content, whereas on Instagram we feel like we still require a more professional sleek look. Why is this?!

The more I think about this, the further down a rabbit hole I go, & I’m very curious about all of your thoughts on this too. Are we feeling the need to be more polished simply because that’s how things started on Instagram? Or is it more about the specific community that TikTok has created? And if it is about the community (& dare I say it, even a generational thing), are we more relaxed because TikTok has made us feel more like we are talking with a friend like we would on Facetime or MarcoPolo? If yes, how did they do this? What was it that TikTok provided that Instagram did not? Is it only the fact that it was a new platform for a generation who’s tired of a space that is overrun by Millennials?

This is incredibly interesting to me. And honestly, the more that I do on TikTok the more I want to be there. I’m incredibly drawn to this community of people who are sharing the incredibly down-&-dirty details of their lives. I’m learning cooking skills, life hacks & parenting tricks. I’m watching people disect murder trial paperwork, divulge industry secrets & share horrifying human trafficking attempts. My mind is on overload & I’m loving every second of it.

Yes – in the wrong hands, this platform can be dangerous (like everything else) but in the right hands isn’t it kind of beautiful? If we are able to properly filter the content that we are seeing – to make sure that it is factual before completely losing it… If we are clear with our intentions, & aware that what we are sharing is accessable to everyone… we might just be changing the world one post at a time.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think TikTok might just be bringing us back to what matters in this world – community. TikTok might just be bringing us back to where it all started – the kind neighbor sharing sugar, a recipe, their workout routine, juicy gossip about another neighbor getting arrested for murder… It’s like a small town on steroids, & we can use it for good or evil both personally & professionally.