Through The Eyes Of Another…

Today I found myself wondering about the opinions of others, & how people choose to express their personal thoughts on very serious issues.

Religion, race, sex, politics, & sexuality are just a few of the GIANT cans, full of worms, that people often bring up in conversation on a day to day basis. These topics are everywhere, & you will find that there are quite a few people who will voice their opinion, regardless of how it may make you feel.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom of speech. I’m thankful for each blog that I’m allowed to post, & every single one of my readers. 🙂 (You guys rock.) But, sometimes I wish that people would be more considerate of others when it comes to expressing that empowering freedom of speech.

With these issues bring death & hatred every day… wars, arguments, people being separated forever. – Why do we do this to each other? Why do people feel that we need to all share the same belief, the same look, or the same interest in partners? Why should we be treated differently when we’re human too?

Let’s face it, we’re all different. Every one of us grew up under a different roof, with different parents & different beliefs. We were taught different things & different ways of life. We’re all unique… & we’re all trying to get through life together. So why stir the pot?

If we do our best to make life a little easier for those around us, it just might make life a little bit easier for everyone.


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