The Voice

    We all have those little voices in the back of our heads. They monitor our words & actions; they are harsh at times, but can pull us back together when we’re down. And while they may, at times, get us into trouble, they sometimes are what drive us most. 

    Today I’m choosing to be thankful for something that’s caused drama, kept me from taking risks, & left me feeling guilty for something for way too long… all because of the wonderful things it has pushed me toward. This little voice that many are unable to admit is there because it makes them feel like a crazy person… it’s what’s told me to keep going when I really didn’t want to; the lifeline to all of my greatest dreams… without it I wouldn’t be me. 

    This is our gut feeling, the little person in the back of our heads that’s screaming, “Go For It!” or, “Run Away!”… it’s what causes the doubt or the wonder that we sometimes ignore. It’s what allows me to know when people are lying & when they’re telling the truth.

    Alright… admit it. We’re all crazy, we all do stupid things – especially when it involves love – & each & every one of us has done something that we’ve regretted. But it’s time to be thankful that this voice is there because it’s paving the way… & it’s time to start listening to it more intently, for the moment that you do you’ll realize that it’s the key.

    Are you willing to go the Distance?

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