6 Lessons From The Voice Auditions

Just this year, I was lucky enough to visit beautiful Los Angeles for the 2015 ‘The Voice’ Auditions. The process was long & fairly taxing, but it was much more personal than the auditions for American Idol. Here’s what this audition taught me.

1. It’s Still A Casting Call: To reiterate what I wrote about American Idol, it’s not just about your voice. There is so much more that they are looking for in you. You might be a great singer, but they may be looking for something in particular.

2. It’s NOT A Blind Audition: It may be a no-brainer to some, but I’ve had several people ask if the blind audition was at all what it seems like on television. The answer is no because it’s not blind – at least, not until your very last audition.

3. They Are A Little More Personal: Check out my American Idol post & you’ll quickly notice the difference between that experience & this one. While ‘The Voice’ audition process was still long & taxing, it only involves one day of waiting & the first audition brings you into a room with just 10 people. They allow you to sing a verse & the chorus.

6 Lessons From 'The Voice' Auditions 2

4. It’s A Small World: Okay, so it’s not just this audition that has taught me that the world is small (seriously – Check Out My Nashville Stage Post), but what are the odds that the person behind me in line would also be from North Idaho? Just curious. *Hi Sara!*

5. I’m Incredibly Lucky: All of my auditions, whether I get somewhere or not, remind me of how lucky I am. To be there, to have the people around me that I do, to have a talent that allows me to live outside the lines. — A great friend of the family, Julie, spent her entire day sitting on the steps of the LA Convention Center waiting for me to finish this audition. (I’m not kidding! At least 6 hours!)

6. The Experience Alone Is Worth It: If I got anything out of this audition, it was the realization that all of these experiences have been worth it. I’ve met some amazing & talented people, I’ve got to travel to experience these crazy events & along the way I’ve learned so so much about myself. I may not be famous & rich yet, but man, the stories I could tell!


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