The ‘Said No One Ever’ Bucket List

You know those moments in life that pass you by & leave a big fat mark on your forehead? The times that rip you to shreds, tear you down, take your lunch money, & have you truly considering that this could just be the end of your world… but, somehow, in the end leave you feeling seriously badass & loving your life on a level you didn’t think possible? Here’s to those ‘Said No One Ever’ moments; the ones that won’t look so great on your bucket list, but probably would be worth considering.

1. Get Your Heart Broken The heart is an incredibly fragile thing. It can be broken easily – whether it’s getting broken up with or watching the person you love do something stupid. Ouch! That said, when someone we care about ‘sets us free’ so to speak, you cannot deny that they are doing you a favor. If they cannot give you the love that you deserve, then they SHOULD set you free. Yes – it hurts… my god, it hurts. But, I can assure you that there is so much more up ahead to look forward to.

2. Break Your Own Heart Breaking your own heart… that is taking the whole ‘Get Your Heart Broken’ item to a completely different level. This means that someone you care about isn’t willing to set you free for some reason or another – that, in order to save yourself all future suffering, you have the pleasure of putting yourself through the heartache that comes with letting go. And, if your experience is anything like mine was, it’s going to be one of the most difficult transitions you ever make. The best part? It’s going to leave you feeling alive, confident, & 10 times more of a badass than your regular ‘Get Your Heart Broken’; because YOU ended it. You stood up for yourself, & you survived the pain. You are simply amazing.

3. Get Fired … REALLY… Said no one ever… I was fired once. Yep. The perfectionist who always prides herself at being the best at everything… & I most certainly thought that moment was the end of my life as I knew it. But then I stopped being so dramatic, I learned from my mistakes (& the company’s mistakes), & I MOVED ON. Past the embarrassment… through the fear of the interview question “why did you leave your previous job?”… & on to so much more. I conquered a big fear with this one!

4. Lose Money Gambling Whether you’re involved in the stock market or sticking ones in a local slot machine, you’ll quickly (or maybe not so quickly?) learn just how these establishments make their money. This will have you (hopefully?) on to your next lesson in money. Or maybe it will just have you quitting while you’re ahead. Either way. 🙂

5. Leave A Bad Review Good reviews are great, & a way of paying it forward to your local stores & shoppers, but what about bad reviews? Well, those are an ass-backwards way of doing the same… for both as well, believe it or not. (And just because it’s a bad review doesn’t mean that it has to be rude! There is a difference.) As you are writing, be sure to remind yourself that you’re trying to better the establishment & it’s employees… not writing to make them cry or close up shop altogether.

6. Fail A College Course That one time you decided to take online Chemistry… ouch! Haha. Regardless of what class it was (& what you did or didn’t do) – forgive yourself… But don’t you DARE forget. You just had an expensive experience my friend. Learn, learn, learn from it… & I’m not being ironic.

7. Move Back In With Your Parents Oooh yeah… I did this one too. After a bad breakup, I moved in with my Mother… & my younger brother… & my grandparents. It was like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. (And yeah, it was pretty embarrassing.) Luckily, I wasn’t in a hurry to start dating again, & the situation was very temporary. Regardless, I had an amazing crew to back me up during one tough time. It’s in moments like these where we should truly value what we have in our family.

8. Work Fast Food Here’s one of those situations where, sometimes, you learn to respect all of those around you. You should NEVER be too good to take a job that pays your bills (ESPECIALLY in hard times). Be proud of whatever it is that you do. Be proud that you’re surviving!!

9. Have A Falling Out With Friends Sometimes friends grow apart. It sucks, but it can also be a blessing. Relationships often show their true colors when it comes to distance. Maybe next time you meet, it will be like you never parted ways. Or, maybe they will hate your guts. Either way, you’ll learn a lot about your friend, your relationship & yourself.
10. Pay Your Own Way Through College Accruing student loans… or saving up a ton of money just to spend it all on a piece of paper… is a serious bummer. But, not only will you value your lessons more, but you will feel a little more in control of your own reality. Take it from someone still paying down those loans… but also someone who watched several people offered a free ride fail right out. Do it for you.

Said No One Ever… Except Now.