The Re-Evaluation Process (LOL)

Every few months, it’s important to re-evaluate things in your life, including your goal list. Yesterday was my day to evaluate my life at this moment.

First, I went through my goal list & removed anything that I had put on the list “just because.” Though I value my goals, I feel that my list should be things that I absolutely love, & I noticed yesterday that it had strayed from that a bit.

Second, I looked at the things in my life that seem to be stressing me out & thought about what I could do to make it less stressful. Because I am packing to move this week, I know that things will be simpler after the move. Just realizing this helped. – I also noticed that I haven’t really taken the time to get all of my frustrations out, so I’ve promised myself that I would go to the gym this week.

Finally, I met with family last night for dinner. Though this wasn’t something I’d planned, it was a wonderful chance to set my stress aside & think about other things for a few hours.

With all of this yesterday, I was able to sleep great last night & wake up feeling a little more refreshed than usual. 🙂 Hopefully this will help you too!

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