The Professional Liar…

Why do we lie? The question is simple enough, right? We lie because we are trying to keep someone from the truth. It may hurt them, it may ruin a surprise, or it may just ruin that rush we get knowing we’re getting away with something that’s wrong.

Let’s face it – we all lie. Studies have even shown that the average person lies four times a day. But, what happens when lying becomes an addiction?

Yes, there are professional liars out there of all shapes & sizes. They all have their own form of lying &, if they know you, they will figure out how to get exactly what they want. Sadly, it seems that all of us have at least one person who will fit this description perfectly… right in front of us.

Then, one day, we wake up & find that the worst lies of all… are the lies that we’ve been telling ourselves.
At that moment, everything changes because, now, you’re no longer focusing on the lies someone else has told you, but are forever changed by the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

What’s your wakeup call?

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