The Perfectionist Way…

As I started reading Message In A Bottle last night, I began to wonder about how big some of my goals are, and it really started to get to me. There are times when I want to scream at the top of my lungs that one day I’ll be famous, that I just know it. But, other days, I’m rather nervous about all of the things I’ll need to do to get there. Yes, it’s all about the climb, but the climb can be intimidating.

There are many ways in which my being a perfectionist can help me get to where I want, but there are also many ways in which that will hold me back. I can’t let that get to me. Many of my goals are fears, and this is just one more obstacle that I will face each day.

So, if you are facing difficult obstacles in your life, try to think hard about the positive aspects of it. (If you can’t find any, go out there and get past that obstacle anyways.) Sometimes there are fears or past issues in your life that may seem impossible to get over. But, anything is possible. You just need to find the will to push yourself past that obstacle live the rest of your life.


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