The Perfect Balance…

One day, you’ll wake up & everything will be different. You won’t regret anything in your past because you know that it’s gotten you to where you are today. You’ll look back on the best times, & soak up as many memories as you can in the present. You’ll be changed forever, & life will seem completely fulfilled.

Though there will be days of darkness, you’ll know where you stand. You will fall, but you’ll fall knowing that you can just dust yourself off & jump back in. You might fail, however, you’ll fail knowing life’s all about trial & error. You will be thankful for everything you have, push yourself forward with all of your strength to reach your greatest dreams, &, most importantly, on this day – you’ll realize that you can devote yourself to others while also fighting for your own dreams… The perfect balance.

I am changed.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

And so the journey begins…


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