The Path To Bucket List Success

Bucket list success is incredibly important, especially when you realize that your bucket list is the path to your own success. They are one in the same. It isn’t about how big your goals are or what kind of money you are making off of them. What you want, how you plan to get it, & everything that comes in completing all of your goals, is the ultimate success. But how do you go about completing your list & reaching that success? Here are some of the ways that I see Bucket List Success. Enjoy!

1.Quality Over Quantity – Don’t ever complete a goal simply to complete it. Do it the way you always intended to complete it, & be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there.

2.Add New Goals – Always adding new goals can give you a fresh, new thing to look forward to. So keep adding those goals so that you’ll never forget.

3.Try To Not Be Overwhelmed – Remember, your bucket list is for the rest of your life. It’s alright to have hundreds or thousands of goals on there, as long as you intend to take the time to complete them.

4.Don’t Let Other Opinions Bother – I’ve had people laugh at me for some of my goals, nag at me for not completing one over another, or even tell me that having a bucket list is a way of showing off. WHO CARES what they are thinking. Do it for you & you alone.

5.Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity – Opportunities come & go, but they are not always the same. If you turn one down, you may just be missing out on it forever. Be careful, & if at all possible, take that opportunity!

6.Write It All Down – Writing down your adventures is a remarkable key in keeping success going. It inspires new bucket list items, has you reliving the experience when you go back to read it, & it allows you to hang on to that memory forever.

7.Take Photos – Photo memories are important to! And it’s not about being able to show others your accomplishments, it’s about hanging on to something that made you proud to be you.

8. Dive In – On a beautiful mellow day, dive right in! Pick an item on your list & start accomplishing it. Maybe grab a friend if this item scares you a little, or pick something small if you don’t have a lot of time.

9.Don’t Be Scared To Do Half – So many bucket list items can be completed in phases, & sometimes doing it this way can really help you manage your time. Build half of that time capsule, or save some items in a special place as you prepare. It may take a little time, but you’re on your way!

10.Make A List – NO not another bucket list, but a to do list for the day or the week. You can get all of your priorities out-of-the-way, while also squeezing in time for your bucket list.

11.Take YOU Time – Whether or not your physically completing your list, taking YOU time is incredibly important for not only accomplishing these goals, but for also adding new items & ultimately giving you time to think about your bucket list success. What do you want in life? This is the time to figure that out.

12.Collect Quotes – Quotes inspire, motivate & empower (just like Bucket List Bound) If you’ve had a moment to check out the Bucket List Bound Pinterest Page, you’ll find that I’m all about finding my own bucket list success (as well as helping others find theirs) through quotes on the Words Of Wisdom board. So much so, in fact, that some of my newest posts will be categorized as ‘WOW’ blogs.

13.Take Your Time – On bucket list items that REALLY require attention to detail, be sure to do so. You don’t want to complete something just to find that it’s not up to your standards.

14. Question Yourself – Dig deep, ask yourself a lot of questions & find out what truly defines you. With this new knowledge, you’ll find that it will be easier to set, complete, & prioritize your bucket list.

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