The Other Side…

Life is certainly a highway, but it can also include rough dirt roads, alley’s full of deep potholes, & sharp unexpected turns. So how are we supposed to set & fight for our goals when we aren’t sure what’s up ahead?

The truth is that these rather scary roads are actually what make life a bit more thrilling. Without them, there would not be adventure… without them there would be no risk worth taking to get to the other side.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ve got to take that leap of faith to figure out where you’re supposed to go in life. Sometimes you must take that alley way to get to the correct street. Although it may be rough, you may end up on the other side knowing exactly where you need to be. Whether that means turning around or moving forward… well, that’s your decision. Nice, huh?

So, this Halloween do something REALLY scary… go face one of your biggest fears & accomplish a goal of yours. Maybe this one goal will lead to something big. As for me, well… I’m already a couple weeks into my scary goal. If I can do it, you can.


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