The One I’ve Been Putting Off…

People have been asking why I haven’t written about friendship. Well, lately it seems like a very hard topic for me to really get into, especially online… to however many people visit my site.

A few months back, it dawned on me that I was letting myself go, almost completely. And, when I realized this, I knew something must change – and quickly. There were a couple of people who I knew would help me get through this hard time in my life, but there were some who let me down.

Today, I focus on the great friends I do have, and am thankful each and every day for my life, and for my future.

Lastly, I must say that it’s amazing what you can find with independence. When you stop to focus on yourself for a while, you don’t just learn about you. Even in hard times, when you’re all alone, you’ll realize that there will be people out there who just don’t click with you, and that people grow apart.

That’s okay. It’s how the world works. And you just need to get brave and, like my mom would say, “Build A Bridge, And Get Over It.”

Thank yous: Mom, KM, BS, MB, AR, AS, SW, & KR

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