The Living List: Why A Bucket List Isn’t Morbid At All

This is an ongoing debate that I’ve been incredibly eager to get my hands on – the bucket list (or living list). You see, some people actually think that your life revolving (almost completely… or is that just me?) around a certain piece of paper is the most morbid thing they’ve ever heard of. They think that you are preparing to die; that you’ve put together this list of life “wishes” & that, once they are complete, you’ll be ready to move on to the afterlife.

Am I the only one who thinks that these thoughts are awful, creepy & kind of offensive?

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a horrible disease or you are lucky enough to say that you are completely healthy, a bucket list is all about putting your life on a path that you are proud of; one that you can look back on & adore. Because, after all, isn’t it the things people didn’t do that they regret most?

Now, if we can get past the fact that the list (& thus my website) was named for getting prepared to “kick the bucket,” we can explain to them that the list is actually about LIVING; Living Life To The Fullest. It’s about dreams coming true, becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, making connections that you were too uneasy to make, organizing an otherwise chaotic life & facing fears that you were too afraid to face.

And while I would have LOVED to name my site ‘the living list’, it was taken. And, let’s be honest… very few people call it that (though I wish more did), so how would you have found me?

So, to sum things up:

Bucket List = LIVING List
* Anyone can have one!
* It’s all about living your life to the absolute fullest!
* It’s a PERSONAL recipe for happiness.
* No one can mess with it. (No Touchy)
* Fears are dominated.

I’m personally pretty damn proud of my bucket list. 🙂


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