The Jump: Risking More By NOT Taking That Leap

Some say that there is no such thing as being ‘over prepared’. I beg to differ. While there is nothing quite like the feeling of being completely & utterly prepared, there’s also something BIG that must come after all of that hard work. It appears, my friends, that some are using preparation as a way to completely avoid what is supposed to follow. They aren’t taking that jump – the leap into the fog-filled abyss – that leads you God only knows where. They are too afraid of what they cannot see.

And, let’s get real here – people hit the bottom. They may not die, but yes, sometimes you will take that jump & have faith with every bone in your body… & you’ll land right on your ass. There is so much to be afraid of; you could work for it all & get absolutely nothing in return.

I’m an optimist & these sort of things go through my head. (I can only imagine how life must be as a pessimist or even a realist.) These thoughts haunt my very existence. How do you jump? Where does that bravery come from? Even with the smallest risks, how do you bring yourself to step off of that ledge?

Honestly? It’s the realization that you don’t have what you want right now & the fact that you aren’t going to get it unless you take those risks. You either jump & risk getting what you want or hold still & most certainly never get what you want. And if you pull out all of the fancy wording in this paragraph, you’ll notice that, in jumping, you’re rarely losing anything at all.

It makes you wonder why you were afraid to begin with.

I mean, come on… that’s a long fall down. But the flight? Now, that is a feeling worth jumping for.


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