The Impact Of A Compliment

    We’ve all passed someone in the hallway at work who doesn’t seem quite like themselves; we’ve all seen someone sitting alone seeming pretty down; & we’ve all felt down at one point or another ourselves. So why is it that so few of us stop to give that person a compliment or even a hello?

    Research has shown the power a compliment can have on someone, but do we really need research to get us empowered to compliment someone? Do we really need research in order to get ourselves to do the right thing and uplift someone when their down? Do we really need research to help us save the lives of others?

    One compliment is all it can take to make someone realize that they aren’t invisible, that they do in fact matter. Make it a point to compliment at least one person every day, and at least one person you don’t even know once a week. They will feel better about themselves and you’ll feel better about you.

Who knows… maybe someone else will return the favor to you one day when you need it the most.


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