The Honor In Being A Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid, & choosing this goal for your bucket list, isn’t about personal experience; it’s not about hair & makeup nor the dress the bride has chosen for you to wear, it’s about your relationship with the bride, & how you can help with her perfect day.

So, I met this really sweet girl in Nashville, Tennessee back in 2010. We were both involved in a singing competition at the time, & we were sitting at The Stage, which is a very famous Nashville bar. Meghan currently from Virginia, me living in Nashville (but from North Idaho) having been there only two months, we started talking & somehow it ended up being a Facebook add.

Now, I remember that night pretty well. Neither of us won, & I remember heading back to my car (& then my apartment) in the middle of the night disappointed & a little scared of my surroundings. I was not, in the least bit, happy & kept asking myself, what am I doing here? What’s the point to all of this? Well, not only did I learn a lot about myself from moving to Nashville, but all I can now think about is the relationships I made there. And, this one, somehow turning into a random Facebook message from Meghan two years later telling me that her family was considering moving to Sandpoint, Idaho… One hour north of my home town.

It took us a few years to reconnect, & a lot has happened to each of us since then. We’ve done a few girl’s nights, vented to one another in tough times, & we’ve grown closer than I ever could have imagined. I’ve found a best friend in someone I met in such a unique & odd way, & somehow, she chose me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. What a serious honor.

Before we all knew it, the big day was here. The pre-photos (Shmily Face Photography) were taken, the reception was set up & we hid the groomsmen away so that they couldn’t possibly see the bride. And, as Meghan sat in her beautiful dress reading a love letter from her groom, I couldn’t help but want to start crying a little. How lucky was I to witness these little (but incredibly meaningful) moments in Meghan’s life? How lucky am I to have found such a strong friendship in such a small-world kind of way?

And now Ben & Meghan are married & back to normal life until their honeymoon in two weeks. Congratulations Newlyweds! Thank you so much for giving Tim & I such an honor to be in your wedding. We truly wish you two a lifetime of happiness & LOVE. <3 Love you two!


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