The Dos & Don’ts For Creating Your Bucket List

Aside from saying, ‘Just Do It,’ how do you go about starting a bucket list? Many of us have so many ideas in our head that it can be difficult to know where to begin. How passionate do I need to be about a particular bucket list item?

Do: Get started with what you are certain that you want.
Don’t: Look through other people’s bucket list to get ideas. Waiting to do this can help keep from swaying what YOU want for YOURSELF… not what others may want for you or for themselves.

Do: Consider your dreams as a child.
Don’t: Take it too seriously. You have obligations! This list is a roadmap for when you get lost – or when you need something to pick you up. Have fun with it!!

Do: Think of little things & big things. (Win a Grammy? Build an Igloo?) YES!!
Don’t: Let your list overwhelm you. This is just a solidification of what you want in life, but it’s not a list of everything that you need to complete in a month or a year.

Do: Share it with friends, but only the ones who will be supportive & not belittle your list. Do this with caution, it can have it’s downsides.
Don’t: Let others talk you out of it. This is YOUR list, YOUR life… all on YOUR terms. Remember that.

Do: Take advantage when opportunities to complete your goals arise. Once written down, the power of attraction will begin. 😉
Don’t: Keep yourself from these opportunities unless you are ABSOLUTELY unable to take advantage of them. Some opportunities may not knock again.

Do: Add as many as you can possibly think of!
Don’t: Limit yourself.

Do: Remember that there AREN’T ANY RULES for creating your very own bucket list.
Don’t: Let anyone tell you otherwise.


Are you willing to go the distance?