The Complaint

    Many do not realize the power of a complaint. Though we may be thankful for what we do have, a complaint can make it seem as though we are not thankful at all. Several can make us seem shallow, and complaints on an hourly basis can make us seem not only unbelievably selfish, but in dire need of attention.

    Why do we complain? There are several reasons. One might feel as though they deserve something that they do not have, perhaps be jealous that someone else has it, or even complain because they are simply bored. But what’s the point? Although complaining may get you temporary attention, action is the only thing going to possibly fill that void. If you want something, go get it.

    Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t care how you’re viewed by others, and good for you. However, the complaint has more power than just how friends, family, and even employers see you. Below are 5 other ways that complaining can hurt you personally.

  1. It Can Become Habit: Sometimes it’s difficult to stop complaining once you’ve started and then you simply cannot stop. This is something you’ll have to train yourself on, something that will take work. 
  2. It Can Get In The Way Of Goals: Many people get sucked into complaining instead of taking action. They allow themselves to complain about the present, as well as their future, not only giving themselves a bitter outlook on what’s to come, but even tainting the things they’ve planned by convincing themselves it cannot happen.
  3. It Can Prolong The Stress: The more you complain, the more you hang on to whatever it is that’s bothering you. You let it eat away at you, not only making yourself more sensitive to the issue (believe it or not), but giving the other person involved more power. It’s time to let go.
  4. It Can Ruin Relationships: There comes a point when relationships can go sour when one is constantly complaining about their life and the other not only feels as though they can no longer help, but also feels as though the complaining will never stop.
  5. It Can Hurt Others: … And thus, you. There are people in this world who want to be supportive, who want to help you through the difficult times. These people care, but they also have lives and goals of their own.

    Instead of keeping yourself, and possibly others, from accomplishing the things they’ve always dreamed of, take time and step forward on your own. Accomplish something, then another – without the help or opinions of others – and see how you feel. You may be pulling yourself out of that complaint pool just yet. 🙂

Are you willing to go the distance?


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