The Complaint | How To Avoid Complaining

    Now that we’ve really thought about how a complaint can affect your life, I thought I would give you details as to how I’ve been avoiding complaints. Keep in mind that we all complain… especially in horribly difficult times, but these are things to put your mind on the right track for all of those minor complaints, the ones that action could get rid of.

  1. Think about what you’re thankful for: What about your children, friends, family, your grades in school, or the accomplishments you’ve made?
  2. Keep yourself busy: It’s easy to complain when you’re bored, but think of all of the things you can accomplish. If you’re certain that there’s absolutely nothing to do… you’re wrong. Read a book, write a book, watch a movie, do some gardening, clean the house, start a website, etc. etc.
  3. Accomplish your goals… on your own: Support of friends and family is important, and it’s a big part of our lives, but accomplishing something on your own is one of the most amazing experiences. It’ll move you forward in so many ways.
  4. Set new goals: Sometimes setting new goals can inspire you to move forward. Make it a goal to handle whatever it is your complaining about. 
  5. Make a change: So maybe it’s not about setting new goals or accomplishing the ones you have, maybe this is about making a big change that’s been keeping you unhappy. – No more excuses people! Just move forward already!

Are you willing to go the distance?


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