Take Action… Change Your Destiny

Every once in a while, there’s a thought process that goes through my head when it comes to the nouns in my life. LOL (My peoples, my places, my things.) I sit and think to myself: Alright, if this is really meant to be, then I will receive a sign. This or that will happen if this is really meant to be.

This process happens a lot more in my head than I realize, & it’s my way of trying to make a tough decision when I just don’t know.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that life’s really all about taking chances. And, sometimes… you just need to go with your gut & try to make the best decision possible. This will never be easy. Often times, others can get hurt because of this. However, there will come a time when you need to think about you… & what this risk has to offer you. You can come a long way in two months, in two weeks, in two hours… if you just put yourself out there.

Many people are afraid to take risks because of the possible outcomes. And, yes, there will be times when the negative outcomes are more likely than the positive outcome. But, you need to sit yourself down & decide how much the positive outcome will truly mean to you. Sometimes, it can often out-weigh the negative outcomes with a land slide.

I no longer believe in fate – you create your own destiny. And I no longer believe in luck. Although there will be times when the world just won’t seem to give you a break, change the path your on.

Don’t be afraid anymore. Don’t let those fears take away what your the greatest at. When you come across YOUR chance of a life time – take it. When you go to make that life-changing decision, & you simply know that not taking this risk will cause regret. Stop & think for a moment about what you truly want & what you truly deserve. Take Action. Change Your Destiny.


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