Step Aside…

With important goals, we dream big & often. We think about what it would be like to accomplish something so amazing, how we will feel that day, & what we will do after that.

Some people just don’t understand this. Some might tell you that you are dreaming too far ahead, that you’re dreaming too big, or… (my personal favorite) that you’re just going to get your hopes up, because the odds are against you.

There’s always someone who will want to put you down, even if they say they’re trying to help you. And, though I value the opinions of others, I cannot help but laugh. Even if the goal you’ve accomplished doesn’t end up exactly the way you’ve planned, you’ve still got an infinite amount of options & possibilities involving that goal and many others. It would be one thing if you are dreaming things that you aren’t working toward, but when it’s obvious you’re fighting for something so important to you, I feel that these people should step aside.

Just think about all of the amazing places your dreaming has gotten you to. All of the new goals dreaming has lead you to. For me, it’s simple. Without dreaming this way, I would not have visited Nashville to begin with, let alone have moved there for three months on my own. I would not have auditioned for American Idol or have had the very first, of many, road trips with my mother to Salt Lake City. I would not see the world the way that I do today.

To me, it’s either dream big or not at all (otherwise you’re just going halfway), and I know I’m not alone.


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