Stand Up For Myself

   It’s natural for you to expect everyone to grow up after high school; to change miraculously turn into an adult, but it’s not realistic in the slightest. So, after nearly three years outside of high school, & with my life still so completely filled with drama, I decided it was time to make changes.

    About one year prior, after deciding my boyfriend & I should part ways, I was asked to wait for him while he joined the military. I was proud of him & I decided that this would turn him into the man I’d always wanted him to be, so I told him I would be his when he returned.

    While he was away, I had a friend of his was trying to manipulate me into thinking that my boyfriend had never cared about me, that he had more than once cheated & that I should be with him instead. When I tried to confide in my closest girl friend about all of this, she spent a majority of her time trying to explain to me why the situation with her boyfriend was worse… so naturally I felt bad & I did what I could to support her.

    Upon my boyfriend’s return, we found that things were rather awkward between us, so we took things extremely slow while his ‘friend’ continued to badger me about his unfaithfulness.

    After a while, things started looking better. My boyfriend at the time was slowly earning my trust again, a close guy friend of mine had decided to leave his controlling girlfriend once & for all, & I’d finally convinced my closest girl friend that she needed to move out of her verbally abusive boyfriend’s house, especially since she’d found herself recently with another man. And in a dramatic one-night move out it was over & I was so happy.

    It wasn’t until early January when I realized that, with the relationships that I was in, I would sadly never be free of the drama. So when I went to confide in my closest girl friend that I was thinking about leaving my boyfriend… & she told me that she was anorexic… & I had helped her finish a pizza the few weeks before… & her new boyfriend called me telling me that I wasn’t the supportive one, I stopped talking to her. 

    When my boyfriend stop showing any signs of moving out of his mother’s basement, I told him I wanted us to be just friends. And when the ‘ex’ girl friend of my closest guy friend wrote me a full facebook novel about how I needed to stay away from her boyfriend & that they spent a majority of their time looking through my texts to him & laughing about them… I told her exactly what he’d been doing behind her back & told him goodbye.

    No one is lying when they say that freedom doesn’t come easy. It’s rocky & difficult & involves sucky things like confrontation & dramatic explosions, but I’ve got to tell you that it’s all worth it in the end. — No one should have to deal with a life entirely based on stressful drama!

   My life is now drama free… & has been for almost three years. 🙂 I’ve never been happier… or more in love with the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

 Are you willing to go the distance?


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