SPECIFICS: Why Detailed Goals Mean More Success

The specifics within your bucket list might just mean more success when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Not only does it allow you to really delve deeper into your list, & getting to know yourself, but it also makes seemingly difficult (or “far away”) goals seem just a little closer & much more accomplishable. And *bonus* it might actually lead you to a few goals you didn’t think of before that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Take, for example, my fitness goal of becoming more flexible. Not only does simply saying “be more flexible” come off as vague to my readers, it also is vague to yourself without you even realizing it. You need to ask yourself “how”? What are you going to do to become more flexible? What does flexible mean to you? While a gymnast might want to put her feet behind her head, I’m not really looking to be THAT flexible.

The “become more flexible” goal has suddenly turned into something more manageable; something with a little more flair & structure (see below), you (as readers) are now more clarified as to what I’m really looking to accomplish, & I am no longer using that goal as a cop out (you can read all about ‘The Cop Out Goal’ Here.)

[  ] Touch My Toes
[  ] Do The Lotus Pose
[  ] Take Up Yoga
[x] Do A Cart-Wheel
[  ] Do A Backflip

Setting these new goals will bring you to the vague item on your list, but it will allow you to check items off along the way, which is certain to motivate you further.

Now that you have an overview, what’s a bucket list item that you could get more detailed about? What are it’s specifics to YOU? Ask yourself why you set that goal, & elaborate. If you’re sharing it with others, they will certainly appreciate the specifics, & regardless, YOU will certainly appreciate the specifics.

Happy Bucket Listing!


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