Skiing A Black Diamond

Since learning to ski one year prior, I found myself setting new skiing goals. I had fallen in love with skiing!! With it having rocked me completely – to the point where I almost didn’t continue – I challenged myself to put my all into this and came out feeling incredibly alive!

On a rainy day, I found myself on Silver Mountain in North Idaho. The snow was clumpy and my friend and I were more than slightly annoyed with the weather, but I was determined to face “Steep and Deep”, one of the mountain’s black diamonds.

At the top, I hesitated. It really was incredibly steep! What if I fall on my face? What if I fall and I cannot get up over the hill on the other side and have to hike my way back up? What if… What if…. And that was that – I shut myself up and went for it. Flying down the hill, doing everything I can to keep my cool and screaming with joy the moment that I realized I had it! I was balanced, I was going back up the other side and I was conquering my first black diamond!

The next goal to follow this wonderful feat was added: Conquer a Sun Valley black diamond. Here we go!!

Are you willing to go the distance?


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