Six Ways To Re-Evaluate Your Life…

Who am I & what do I want?

    An incredibly difficult question, isn’t it? Well, actually, it might be a bit easier then you’d think.

    There will always be moments when we ask ourselves this question; even after we already thought for sure we’d had it figured out; even when we were confident & headed down a path we knew was going to take us places.

    In those moments when we are happily skipping down the yellow brick road, we forget that life has several different directions… in several different sections of our lives. We forget that the people we spend our time with have lives & paths of their own, & that those people & the paths they’ve chosen make an impact on ours. They change us, not just our actions & the world itself.

    It’s because of these changes – which come incredibly often – that we need to re-evaluate ourselves at least once a year, if not once every six months.

    Here are a few ways to get you back to your best:

  1. Go Over Your Bucket List (Or Create One) – There are reasons why you’ve added these goals, remind yourself why! There will be reasons why you need to add more & there will also be reasons you might remove a few; people do change & your goal list should always be about the current you.
  2. Answer A Questionnaire – Even a silly questionnaire that you might find on Facebook can really show you who you are & you might even find out something new about yourself that you haven’t considered.
  3. Refresh Yourself – Give yourself a new look, atmosphere or social crowd. Sometimes we just need something new to inspire us.
  4. Try Something New – Pick a new goal; something that scares you horribly & go do it. Not only will this change the way you look at fear, but it might just give you a few new goals that you never saw coming your way. Have you not considered going out & doing karaoke with your friends? Go get ’em!
  5. Write, Write, Write – Obviously something’s been bothering you. Maybe several things? Start writing everything down. Make it so that you can lay everything that’s bothering you out in front of you & start prioritizing. You may be surprised how much this can help you focus & how it will help with the small details as well.
  6. Do Something Silly – Get everything out of your head for a while & just go have some fun. When you return to this big life question, you may just find you’ve already found the answer.

    *BONUS! Ask Someone – Still confused? It’s alright to talk to someone about this. Everyone goes through their own identity crisis. Maybe they’ll have something to say that would help even in the slightest.

    Are you willing to go the distance? It sure looks like it.


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